Sydney Art School

Eastwood/Burwood 創意小畫班




  • 祇有資深的美術教師方能教好高級程度的學員!

  • 祇有資深的美術教師方會教好初學者正規的基礎!

  • 祇有良好品德並有責任心的師長,以身作則,方可教好良好品格的新一代!

悉尼畫苑, 悉尼畫班, 悉尼學畫,兒童學畫,請找Sydney Art School – Eastwood/Burwood 創意小畫班

Sydney Art School

Eastwood / Burwood Creative Small Art Class

About our teachers

Mrs Hui, Mr Guo and Miss Wang can speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese.

Sydney Art School – Eastwood/Burwood Creative Small Art Class graduated from University with fine art bachelor / Master degree. We have been working in graphic art design and painting work for many years and have over 30 years of rich teaching experience.

Furthermore, Sydney Art School – Eastwood/Burwood Creative Small Art Class teachers are parents with few children. We are patient and attentive to our students. We are caring, good character and sincere teachers.

  • Only senior art teacher can nurture high level students!

  • Only senior art teacher can teach beginners the solid basis of drawing skill!

  • Only teacher with good moral character and a sense of responsibility can educate good character of the new generation!